Hi, Tom,

I generally do tapes and actually don't do 78s, so take this with a grain
of whatever...

I do not have the budget for CEDAR either. However, I found some mastering
done on some of my original church music in a CEDAR system to be more
annoying than other systems in my hands--so any system is really as good as
the person running it--and make sure that that person's sensibilities and
tastes match yours and your clients'.

That said, I've had the best results with the de-hissing and noise
reduction algorithms in Samplitude, including an older version of their
de-click, de-crackle software.

Every time I try and use DC5 (Diamond Cut, DCart, etc) I find I get more
"musical" results in Samplitude.

Perhaps I am not as intuitively connected with DC5. It does serve purposes
in heavy restorations (quasi-forensic work), but most music things still
get done in Samplitude--and subtly.

I've also heard really good things about Algorithmix and, in fact, the
newer versions of Samplitude and Sequoia use Algorithmix plugins for least that is what I remember.

Good luck--and keep up the good work! I'm stopping at four CDs in print
<smile>. to concentrate on the tape
restoration aspects.



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>If one can't afford a CEDAR system, is there any software that comes close
>when cleaning up 78s of pops, crackles and surface noise?
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