I guess just Harry Fox for recordings. They are hired by the record
companies to collect the money and distribute the royalties, just as the
music publishers hire ASCAP and BMI for the same purpose.


Response: I'd like to correct any misconception.

Harry Fox Agency collects royalties ONLY for NEW recordings of MUSIC,
"Mechanical Licensing of Music" not royalties on "recordings", nor royalties
on "performances", nor royalties on "re-issues" of recordings, accept the
latter would require a payment to HFA for MUSIC royalties.
 BMI, ASCAP and SESAC are membership organizations that collect
royalties...mainly from Media (performance), and HFA, and distribute to
members including publishers of music, but not manufacturers of recordings,
the latter distributing performance (artist) royalties from income from
sales (having already paid for "music" royalties through HFA) directly to
the contracted musicians (or membership organizations) does the music
publisher to either the composer/lyricist or the membership organization
represented by the contract signed.

All of this is covered completely in the book "This Business of Music."

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