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> As I understand it (and I'll open this for discussion), HFA is the only
> agwncy (ther may be other similar ones) who have to be paid by the recording
> artist or record firm; ASCAP/BMI/SOCAN/et al are only payable when the song
> is performed before an audience (live or via a recording) who have paid
> an admission to hear it.

In the U.S. The Harry Fox Agency issues mechanical licenses on behalf of its
principals, which are music publishers. Mechanical licenses can include
synchronization (i.e. movie sound tracks) and electrical transcription
licenses (i.e. radio syndications, radio commercials), and more.

A check for clearance with Fox is not conclusive since many music publishers
choose not to be represented by them. Fox's fee is usually less than five
pct. See

ASCAP/BMI/SESAC are performing rights organizations, which means that they
collect for public performances on behalf of their member publishers and

In most countries outside the U.S., the functions of mechanical and
performing rights licensing are combined in one entity.

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