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> I think I saw the reference to Gennett acquiring the remains of Paramount
> (although they may have only acquired then-current blues recordings) in a
> standard discographic reference, possibly Brian Rust's "American Label
> Book."

Jazzology (GHB Jazz Foundation) licensed several blues recordings from the
Paramount catalog in the 4-CD set The Blues: A Smithsonian Collection of
Classic Blues Singers (manufactured by Sony Music Special Products), so I'm
not sure your information is correct.

In fact, I've worked on several of the Paramount blues reissues for the GHB
Jazz Foundation. For further information, see the Black Swan label listing

> Certainly, Steiner did acquire the rights to the label name, along with such
> masters as he could find (I believe most of the "metal parts" had fallen
> victim to WWII salvage drives) c. 1948, and issued the 14000 series (mostly
> dubbed from existing records). The issuing company was actually the New York
> Recording Laboratories, which was under the same ownership as Wisonsin Chair
> Company (the original firm).
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