I am need of labeling software to label J-cards, audio cassettes, and
preferably something that does CD hub labels.  I have been goofing off
with Sure Thing CD Labeler and am less than impressed with its ability
to be able to set each label to print different from each other label.
I don't know the software very well, but nothing seems intuitive with
it.  For instance, I want to be able to enter collection number,
collection title, title of the item and an item number with the
collection data staying the same.

I also have been looking at NEATO's MediaFACE II.  I am not terribly
keen on this since it seems to support only the NEATO labels.

Is anyone using anything that they like?  I am not looking to spend gobs
of cash, but I really would like something that works, is easy to use
without needing an engineering degree, and that offers some


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