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If you want some real answers about newspaper preservation, the last place you should look for guidance is in the work of a hack fiction writer like Baker.  Check out the work that's been done by the United States Newspaper Program.  If you are good at research and check out Baker's "extensive" bibliography, you will find yourself wondering why he left out significant information simply because what others said did not support his crackpot argument.  Baker is in microfilm denial and seems to think that one page that will not break when folded somehow magically represents millions of pages of newspapers and books that broke when handled.  Double Fooled is not a work of scholarship to be relied on.  He's probably got you believing every reel of microfilm is a deteriorating compilation of mistakes.  Nothing could be further from the truth.
An interesting critique of Baker's book, "Double Fold..." (and his ideas) can be viewed at:
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