I read the specs on the Sure Thing CD Labeler and it seemed to be the answer to everyone's labeling needs.  All software takes a little work to get the most from it but some does seem to be more intuitive than others.  In addition to the AudioLabel software I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been using a program from Acoustica.  It is pretty simple to use and is quite flexible.  It will read disks on occasion and a saved file from the burning program can be used to list tracks which saves a lot of typing.  It also can be used to print adhesive labels.  AudioLabel is also fairly easy to use and both seem to work with any number of adhesive labels.  One can change text or add text with both programs as well as add artwork.  Microsoft publisher,  and I suspect other publishing programs, offer templates and wizards for both cassette labels and CDs and one can make their own templates with a little effort that can then be adapted to whatever projects are in progress.  You have probably read here and elsewhere that the verdict is still out on adhesive labels and potential damage to CDs.  While they look nice they could present some risk to CDs over a period of time.   Epson is now making several printers for under $400 that will print to CDs as well as the more conventional uses.  Printing costs per CD are estimated at about 7 cents.  One would need to use printable CDs if using the printer.

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I am need of labeling software to label J-cards, audio cassettes, and preferably something that does CD hub labels.  I have been goofing off with Sure Thing CD Labeler and am less than impressed with its ability to be able to set each label to print different from each other label. I don't know the software very well, but nothing seems intuitive with it.  For instance, I want to be able to enter collection number, collection title, title of the item and an item number with the collection data staying the same.

I also have been looking at NEATO's MediaFACE II.  I am not terribly keen on this since it seems to support only the NEATO labels.

Is anyone using anything that they like?  I am not looking to spend gobs of cash, but I really would like something that works, is easy to use without needing an engineering degree, and that offers some customization.


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