FLICC Awards Recognizes Outstanding Federal Libraries, Federal
Librarians, and Federal Library Technicians
(Awards Web site (

To honor the many innovative ways federal libraries, librarians, and
library technicians are fulfilling the information demands of
government, business, research, scholarly communities, and the American
public, the Federal Library and Information Center Committee (FLICC)
announces its sixth annual series of national awards for federal
librarianship in Fiscal Year 2003.

The three awards are:

Federal Library/Information Center of the Year - This award commends
the library or information center's outstanding, innovative, and
sustained achievements during Fiscal Year 2003 in fulfilling its
organization's mission, fostering innovation in its services, and
meeting the needs of  its defined user group.  The FLICC awards are
given to both small library/information centers (with a staff of 10 or
fewer federal and/or contract employees) and larger library/information
centers (with a staff of 11 or more federal and/or contract employees).
All nominations must be made on behalf of an entire library or
information center (e.g., main or branch library or information center).
 Fiscal Year 2002's winners were the Homer E. Newell Library, NASA,
Goddard Space Flight Center (large) and the James A. Haley Veterans'
Hospital Library, Tampa, Florida (small).

Federal Librarian of the Year - This award honors a federal librarian
who demonstrates active and innovative leadership and professionalism in
the promotion and development of library and information services during
fiscal year 2003.  The nominee must be a federal employee and a
practicing librarian in a federal library or information center.  Ann
Parham, Army Librarian, won the award for the 2002 Federal Librarian of
the Year.

Federal Library Technician of the Year - This award recognizes the
achievements of a federal library technician during Fiscal Year 2003 for
exceptional technical competency and flexibility under changing work
conditions. The nominee must be a federal employee and a practicing
paraprofessional or library technician in a federal library or
information center.  In 2002, the Federal Library Technician of the Year
was Reginald A. Stewart, library technician, U.S. Army Library, Giessen,

The 2003 award winners will be honored for their contributions to
federal library and  information service at the annual FLICC Forum on
Federal Information Policies in Washington, D.C., in March 2004.  To
further recognize these outstanding individuals and programs, a plaque
engraved with their names and the names of previous and subsequent
winners will be on permanent display in the FLICC offices at the Library
of Congress.

To obtain nomination materials, visit the Awards Working Group Section
of the FLICC Web site (, call
(202) 707-4800, or send email to [log in to unmask] The nomination packet
includes the nomination form, selection criteria, and a list of needed
supporting materials.

Deadlines for applications: All completed nominations must be
postmarked no later than November 14, 2003.