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  FMD Merger into BWI Complete!
  On June 30, 2003 at 4:45pm EST, TitleTales crossed a major milestone as BWI’s audiovisual data was turned on live for all
  public library users. This event was preceded by several months of “nose to the grindstone” programming which made it all
  possible. This, of course, was all part of the now complete merger of FMD into BWI!
  TitleTales users now have access to over 650,000 AV items, including over 400,000 popular music titles, almost 50,000 classical
  music titles, over 30,000 audiobooks and read-alongs, and over 200,000 video titles, many of which have enhanced features such
  as full text reviews and full-color cover images.
  To activate the AV database just go to the Update User Information page. You can get there from the Your Lists page by
  selecting the so named blue button, or go directly there at any time by clicking on your “username” in the upper right hand
  corner of the screen. Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the data you would like to search. The choices are
  Children’s and Young Adult Books, Adult Books Only, Both Book Categories, Include All Audiovisual Titles, or Search for
  Audiovisual Titles Only.
  Some of you may remember June 1999 when TitleTales was first introduced for Children’s and Young Adult books. With help
  from hundreds of librarians, and with thousands of regular active users. . .look how far we’ve come! You’ve become used to
  regular improvements and enhancements to the functionality of the website. As a result the bar has been raised, and TitleTales
  AV is starting out at a much higher level with respect to features and functionality. As has been the TitleTales M.O. all along,
  you can expect continued improvements and new features as we move forward and continue to respond to the very welcome
  feedback from our TitleTales customers.
  We are pleased to be able to provide public libraries with the audiovisual materials and related value-added services you need as
  we pursue our goal of being the champion of service to the public library.
  For more information on our AV services or the FMD merger, please contact BWI Customer Service at 800-888-4478, ext. 266, or contact your local BWI representative. See http://www.bwibooks.com 
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