If "rec" means "language," then it probably isn't part of the name of
the language.

Milicent Wewerka
Library of Congress

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At 12:57 +0200 2003-07-17, Eduard Werner wrote:

>The funny thing is: In everyday Lower Sorbian, you would use neither
>"dolnoserbska rec" nor "dolnoserbscina", but simply say "serbski" abo
>"serbska rec". According to my experience (based on no statistics)
>"dolnoserbska rec" could be more frequent (and more typical) than
>"dolnoserbscina" which, however, has been used at least for computer
>So "dolnoserbska rec" should be fine.

I would tend to prefer to have the same term for both languages. So
either -serbscina for both Upper and Lower or -serbska rec for both.
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