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> We need to be conservative about deprecating an existing code. I would
> want to be absolutely sure that there are no other possible languages that
> would fit into the group code. We need to be concerned not only about
> living languages but other languages that may have existed in the past
> that fit into the group code and would have no place if it were
> deprecated. My recollection is that Millie had sent some information to
> Havard when this was first brought up about some other possible languages
> falling under Sorbian languages.

In that case it would be useful if Milicent sent it more widely to
the list, so that a cooperative effort could establish whether there
are any further Sorbian languages (which I doubt). There's no point
in recommending codes just for the sake of it.

Standards aren't for "perhapses." That's why deprecation is available
as a mechanism.

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