I asked the current and former Ethnologue editors about East Sorbian
(forwarding to them Milicent's message from earlier today), and am
forwarding to you all their responses. This, from the current editor.

----- Forwarded by Peter Constable/IntlAdmin/WCT on 07/23/2003 04:56 PM

Dear Peter,

Linguists who have written to us about the difference between
Upper and Lower Sorbian have not mentioned a third language. It
is possible of course that there are more than two dialects, but
whether they constitute more than two languages is a question to
which we do not have the answer. The location (Muskau) should be
looked up on a good map of Germany and compared with the
locations given in the Ethnologue for the two Sorbians, to see
which one it fits into according to the location. Then until
further information is available, it can be treated under that

The first linguist who wrote to us was Ladislav Zgusta in 1974.
Unfortunately we do not know if he is still living or not, or if
he has published on Sorbian. Others who have written are Reinhold
Hahn, Daniel John, and Gunter Schaarschmidt (see e-mail addresses
above, some of which may be obsolete now).

Those who have published on it include Bernard Comrie and
Greville Corbett, eds. The Slavonic languages 1993, and Ludwig
Elle 1991. References may also be found in the International
Linguistic Bibliography.


Barbara F. Grimes
Ethnologue Editor 1971-2000

[Barbara added in a later message:]

Of course, it isn't unusual for dialects or unofficial languages
to  be deprecated.