According to the Finnish  expert
this dictionary will be revised.

"Even the name of the language given in the
title is incorrect."

Best wishes,
Eeva Murtomaa

Michael Everson wrote:
> In my German-Lower Sorbian dictionary under
> "niedersorbisch" is given "dolnoserbski", which
> seems to be a general adjective; under "sorbisch"
> is given "serbski". Under "Sorbisch", the noun
> used for the language per se, "serbs^c/ina" is
> given. Accordingly it seems clear that
> "dolnoserbs^c/ina" is the native term for Lower
> Sorbian.
> (Wörterbuch Deutsch-Niedersorbisch =
> Ne^msko-dolnoserbski sl/ownik. Bautzen: Domowina,
> 1990. ISBN 3-7420-0561-8
> In my Upper Sorbian-German dictionary, under
> "hornjoserbs^c/ina" is given "Obersorbisch" so
> there you have confirmation of that.
> --
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