There was a message from Milicent Wewerka on 2003-05-14: "I think I may have
been too hasty in my conclusion regarding the collective code for Sorbian.
I find the Encyclopedia Britannica article on Sorbian languages mentions
also "East Sorbian."  The complete statement: "The remnants of East Sorbian,
which, in contrast to High and Low Sorbian, has no literary form, are spoken
in the area of Muskau."  If there is indeed another Sorbian language, then
the collective code would still be valid for that.  Does anyone have any
further information on "East Sorbian?"  Should we publicize this on a more
widely-distributed discussion list?"

That is the only "evidence" that has been presented, but the sources are
normally very reliable ... (both Enc.Brit. and MW).

Others have argued for and against.

However: There should probably not be a "50-document rule" in this case. If
there exists ONE document in Sorbian that is not in Upper Sorbian or Lower
Sorbian, then "wen" is the obvious home for it. The alternative would be to
change the encoding to "other Slavic languages".

I would like to see where we go with the development of the new parts of 639
before we decide what to do with "wen".

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> Havard:  There has been considerable discussion about whether the
> existing collective code for Sorbian languages should be
> deprecated.  In your earlier ballot message you mentioned
> evidence that you had received indicating that the existing
> collective code should be retained.  Could you share that
> information with the JAC?
> Milicent Wewerka
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