This additional info from the former Ethnologue editor, relaying comments
from Bernard Comrie.

Unfortunately, what he does not comment on is how to evaluate the
"pronouced individuality" -- as distinct language varieties, or simply
dialects? My inclination, lacking clear evidence otherwise (and given what
the Linguasphere has to say -- see other message), would be to remain
conservative, assuming this is not a distinct langauge variety until there
is better evidence indicating otherwise.


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Dear Peter,

Bernard Comrie is an excellent linguist--one of the best. I would
accept anything he says.

Sincerely, Barbara

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Dear Barbara:

For relevant information on Sorbian dialects, I'd suggest looking
at the chapter on Sorbian by Gerald Stone in Comrie & Corbett,
the Slavonic Languages, Routledge, 1993, pp. 682-3. Summarizing
briefly what he says, between Upper Sorbian and Lower Sorbian
there are transitional dialects, and the eastern transitional
dialects of Schleife and Muskau "have a pronounced

I believe that Helene Brijnen has been working on some of these
varieties recently. Her e-mail address (unverified) is
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