Followup observations/questions:

1) Can you take a closer look at the displayLabel attribute and see if it
ought to be added to other elements?  I was trying to represent a
conference paper, and it's difficult because I am wanting to put "paper
read at" as a displayLabel on some element (not sure if a conference goes
as a title or a name, particularly when you consider they are often
numbered (e.g. - "23rd Meeting of Whatever").

2) Why is their a wrapper for titles (titleInfo) and not for names?

3) Why is their a role attribute for and a role element for names?

4) This is a little extreme, but I've run into it:

Does MODS have all the facilities to deal with an unpublished letter,
with an unknown author, with an only vaguely known ("cerca") date?  I
remember the issue of the last came up awhile back, but does it make
sense to distinguish between "anonymous" authors and unknown authors,
either in cataloguing or in MODS?


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