On Wednesday, July 30, 2003, at 04:36  PM, Robin Wendler wrote:

> I'm not sure that you are arguing for proper XML practice. XML legally
> and
> legitimately permits a tremendously wide range of data designs.


By this I meant the common mantra to separate structure from
presentation.  It is, IMHO, an absolutely critical principle of XML
markup, the purpose of which is to allow for easy repurposing of data,
either across fields, or across time.

I'm not asking for additional elements to further parse data (though
there are places where I this would be nice); I am asking for:

a)  in this context, one attribute, so that people using MODS are not
forced to bend over backwards to support the examples Tod and I gave

b)  that where structures exist to separate structure from
presentation, they be used in MARC --> MODS translation, and be
promoted as best practice in creation of new records.  My earlier
example (which I am still convinced I am right on)...

<namePart>Roustabouts [musical group]<namePart>

...has no place in XML, when you consider MODS already has an element
that can carry the description information.


> We can wrestle about quotes later...

Fair enough ;-)