my impression is that XML database systems are not (yet) suitable for
our purposes. If we accept the limitation I've previously mentioned
("non-recursive" data), a RDBMS is well suited to store data-centric
XML data, whereas XML databases are mainly written to make
document-centric XML data accessible. In most cases XML database
systems (especially the freely available ones) lack things like
transactions and referential integrity that we take for granted with

We also have to keep in mind that RefDB is more than a database to
store references. Most people will also not feed it with 23 million
datasets. This may explain the different points of view expressed by
the LoC people.


Bruce D'Arcus writes:
 > IIRC, you're lurking here Markus; yes?  Any thoughts of the relevance of
 > Karen's comments to RefDB 2?
 > Bruce

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