You might want to take a look at the section on citing electronic
resources in the SACO Participants' Manual.  It goes into much more detail
than any other documentation.

Although they are not (yet) cataloged, I'd cite these other documents as
separate 670s if they each have their own titles.  Adding ", via WWW,
<date viewed>" after the title proper of each document would be sufficient
for someone else to be able to search for them online and find them again
if necessary.

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On Thu, 17 Jul 2003, Nancy K. Brown wrote:

> The website for a corporate body which I am establishing includes electronic
> versions of its publications. The only one of these which is cataloged in
> either electronic or paper format is my work cat.  I wish to cite the forms
> formally presented in these other publications (and to indicate that they
> are formally presented) but the examples given in DCM Z1of locations within
> an electronic resource (WWW page title screen, HTML title, additional
> screens, main menu, readme), don't offer much help in citing an uncataloged
> analytic.  Should I create additional 670s for these items within the
> website? Can I generically cite "title screens for electronic versions of
> publications ( ... )? So far I've only cited the home page with a rather
> lengthy list of variants found, but seems less than helpful.
> Thanks for any ideas,
> Nancy
> Nancy Brown
> Principal Cataloger
> University of Georgia Libraries