I built a skeleton SRW server using Axis 1.1/WSDL2Java ...

I noticed that the WSDL2Java operation did not pick up on the fact that
an echoedRequest element in a searchRetrieveResponse can contain an
optional  searchRetrieveRequest and/or a series of  unknownParameter's.
The class it generated only contains setter's and getter's for

When I open in
XmlSpy, it correctly recognizes that this complex type (extension of
searchRetrieveRequestType) is permitted in the schema.  I have two
questions related to this:

1) The SRW site sort of implies that echoing a searchRetrieveRequest is
a capability of SRU, but isnt explicit about whether this is also
permitted in SRW.  Is it?

2) Is there possibly a bug or limitation in Axis's WSDL2Java that it
cannot handle the xs:extension that is used in the schema to define the
unknownParameter as an element in a echoedRequest?

Pete Ciuffetti
KnowledgeSite, Inc.