Hi, Leni,

What does the job of "Educator in Residence" entail?
It sounds like something I might be interested in.  I've already told my school
that next year will be my last -- a nice round ten and new programs in place
makes it seem time to move on to something else.  A year at American Memory
would be a nice complement to my year as ALA Sibert Committee chair and much
reading of non-fiction books.  And I'd love to do more with the computer
techniques I've been learning.

Kathy Isaacs
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Leni Donlan wrote:

> A quick "catch up" first. Elizabeth Ridgway has finished her tenure
> as our "Educator in Residence" but will be taking on the
> responsibility of an exciting educational outreach position for the
> Library. I'll let Elizabeth give you the details :-)
> We will soon have a new "Educator in Residence" in our office. Heidi
> Dickens, an outstanding educator and technology integration
> specialist from local Fairfax County Public Schools will be joining
> us August 11. Heidi will be contacting you about those lessons "in
> process" or you can talk with her about updates to published lessons.
> We will be hiring for our next "Educator in Residence" next Spring.
> If you have a yen for a year in DC, on an interagency loan from your
> school district, please let me know!  We can get the wheels in motion
> :-)