oh yes, I'm well aware of the matter.  I recall Fagan and Moran's intro
(vol 2) that points out the disparity in the Victor catalogues from year
to year.  One year it's 78rpm and another it's 76rpm etc...and we all
know that they are all over the map.

I am simply wondering what did companies claim as policy and is there
anything written about it ca 1900-1940.

many thanks


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> Can anyone site an article regarding any recording companies
> speed(s) in 78rpm era trade journails (Talking Machine World, Voice
> Vic. etc)?
The difficulty would be that the speed companies advised their records
be played at, and the speeds they were recorded at, are generally NOT
the same. Claimed speeds can be found in record catalogs,
(in some cases) and phonograph instructions; however, actual speeds
vary. Sometimes this was done intentionally, for various reasons;
times it may have been due to equipment problems. As well, there are
often disagreements among collectors and data sources as to the actual
speed of certain records,
Steven C. Barr