On 08/08/03, Joel Bresler wrote:
> Dear friends:
> For a discographical project, I need to image several hundred LP
> covers. I currently own a flatbed scanner, but it can only take up to
> 8 1/2" x 11" originals. I need adequate, not tremendous, resolution
> and color depth.
> I would, of course, like to accomplish this task while spending the
> least amount of time and money possible! If anyone has found a scanner
> large enough to accomplish the task without breaking the bank, that
> would be one option. Second, it's occured to me a digital camera heldl
> in a special stand with appropriate lighting might be the other way to
> go. Suggestions welcome!

I think a camera on a copying stand would be much quicker and easier
than a scanner. A3 scanners do exist but they are not very common.

It wouldn't even have to be a digital camera - a 35mm reflex would do
just as well. Practically ever processor nowadays will put your pictures
onto a CD at a reasonable price.

Appropriate lighting would be either daylight, flash guns, or tungsten
lamps (with a suitable blue filter over the lens). There should be two
lamps at 45 degrees. Any serious camera shop should sell you a copying

Don Cox
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