At 11:35 AM 8/9/2003 -0400, Richard L. Hess wrote:

>There are print films with high resolution, but I don't think
>garden-variety 400-speed print film matches the 200-speed resolution of the
>digital camera. I'm not sure if it matches the 400-speed resolution.
>Also, for this kind of work, make sure you have a digital camera that can
>save either raw (and convert later) or TIFF files. You don't want to go
>through the JPEG compression if you can avoid it.

There is information on routine formats and resolutions on a page of the
primer on the CD-R side of my WWW site.

Briefly, one can reach 100 lpm on a very fine 35-mm camera system. That
yields 2400x3600x4~35 megapixels. With a zoom lens or typical user film,
the advantage over a 6-MP camera is slight. However, if output is to be to
a computer monitor or to a conventional printer (inkjet, laser or
equivalent), the available image quality from 2 MP is satisfactory.

Liner notes vary tremendously in resolution required for legibility. I have
some LPs where 600 dpi monochrome is barely suffiicent and others where 150
is ample.

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