On 09/08/03, Mike Richter wrote:

> Briefly, one can reach 100 lpm on a very fine 35-mm camera system.
> That yields 2400x3600x4~35 megapixels.

Where did you get that x4 from? A pixel is a pixel, whether it is 8 bit
or 48 bit.

From my tests on Kodachrome 25 you get around 4000x6000 pixels with a
good Nikon lens. That is in real world hand held conditions. But these
are all in the same ball park, and cameras such as the Sigma (with the
Foveon sensor) seem to be about half way there.

I would give it another 2-3 years, but for most practical purposes a
good digital is good enough now.

Inkjet printing to A3 size would be a critical application. I would
expect to be able to make sharp prints up to 20x16 inches from 35mm.

Don Cox
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