Thanks to everyone for the very helpful posts, and to list member Erik Dix
who filled me in on the Photomerge feature in Adobe Photoshop elements.
This really is a wonderful feature...if you have two scans of different
parts of the cover, it will seam them together automagically and build the
resulting file.

Since my scanner is 11.7" long (in other words, not quite long enough) and
I have to buy another one anyway, I may opt for a full-size scanner rather
than a "legal size" one that would still require two scans and the
Photoshop operation. But it's certainly a viable alternative.



At 10:20 PM 8/8/2003 +0200, you wrote:

>Yes,. The Epson 1200 Scanner which can be bought on ebay for a very
>reasonable price.
>Best Regards,
><>The Hoffman Collection
>I searched it but it seems to scan only A4... am I missing something?
>F. Martinelli

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