Since we are talking  a little about acoustic
recording, how many of you have worked with acoustic
recorders, moulded cylinders, and or recorded acoustic
discs.  I for one have recorded over 1000 acoustic wax
cylinders, and formulized the composition, moulded and
recorded on them.  I am not talking transfer work, but
moulding the cylinders, and actually recording on
them. Much of the studio work of the acoustic era has
been lost, due to the secretive nature of recording
engineers of the day. Even today,we try to keep our
finer points of acoustic recording techniques a
secret.  Such important points as studio temperature,
and the relation of how sound waves travel into the
horns at different temperatures, calucaltion of
timbere and tone, knowing the K values of different
materials for diaphragms to use for different
instruments, and calucalting how hard or sof the wax
is for the different seasons, when to mould the
masters, when not to, and just the manipulation of the
wax moulding technique.

Shawn Borri

Borri & Edison Records

A division of The North American Phonograph Company

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