From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Inspired by recent happenings, I feel quite lucky. I have a few wind-up
gramophones (portables), I have Tungstone/Tungstyle needles and fibre needles
(bamboo, easy to sharpen). I also have about 30-40,000 shellac records. So,
when the power fails, I can use candlelight (or a butane gas camping lamp)
and find a nice selection of records, and I can listen to them. I can adjust
the speed, but I cannot do any spectral modification. Organ records do not
sound good, and because of the low frequencies being below the cut-off of the
horn, the wear is terrible, so I avoid those. But I can hear recorded music!!
I cannot play my vinyl pressings of 78s until I invent a pickup that will not
wear them.

All you, with your fancy streaming audio from the net, have nothing. Those
who have a system that will run off batteries are better of, but at some
stage you will have to get on your bikes to generate a bit more current. I
only have to wind the gramophone as I play. And if I want to listen to reel-
to-reel tape, I can use my Maihak and connect my high-ohmic earphones
directly to the tonehead. Not hi-fi, but useful for identification. My UHER
uses batteries like h---, so I avoid that.

You need simple technology to survive.

Kind regards,