I just received the latest issue of  VideoSystems magazine, and it has a twelve page advertising insert of the Adobe products line.  It seems that the latest permutation of CoolEdit Pro will be called Adobe Audition.  It remains to be seen if the package will improve or be "fixed" as I've seen in other software that has been taken over by some larger company.  It seems that if you have a large programmer staff, they have to justify their existence by re-engineering the wheel.  I hope that Adobe won't fall into that trap.

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Rod Stephens wrote:
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the treble end suffers with just about any global de-clicking in
Cool Edit 1
We're using CoolEdit Pro version 1.2a, so the above doesn't seem to be an obvious problem, although necessarily, there is some changing of the waveform with the default tool in the areas of heavier noise.  However, the software has allowed us to customize the global de-clicking to a lighter degree, for quieter recordings. However, we don't expect to clean out all the pops and clicks that way, if the recording is very noisy.  We'll scan through again manually, de-clicking the big one as Jim does.  On large "hits", we'll also use a low end filter on the area to remove any leftover bass artifacts.  Again, I have "tailored" a FFT filter for this purpose, although there are a number of filters, notches, and standard noise reduction presets (i.e., 60 Hz, 120 Hz, etc.) already there as part of the software when you buy it.

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James L Wolf wrote:
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     I've used Cool Edit Pro 1.0 (I assume that 2.0 is better) for
personal and professional work, at least until we can manage to get
SoundForge 6.0 and Noise Reduction 2 for my project at the Library. I've
tried various editions of Diamond Cut but I don't like its setup or its
results. I like the flexibilty of Cool Edit Pro, and it is possible to
remove a good number of the ticks and pops without hurting the sound
quality, at least with earlier 78s. I  find that on higher quality
audio, the treble end suffers with just about any global de-clicking in
Cool Edit 1. At home, I usually declick by hand with good but slow
   I haven't yet heard a background noise reducer, other than careful
EQing, that doesn't make things sound worse to my ear. That "breathing"
effect you can hear even on recent re-issues like the Miles Davis Blue
Note  recordings is far more obtrusive than tape hiss or groove noise.
For EQing 78s, I prefer the results on SoundForge 5 to CoolEdit 1, but
there are probably better ways to do that either in analog or digital.


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If one can't afford a CEDAR system, is there any software that comes
when cleaning up 78s of pops, crackles and surface noise?

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