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Rod Stephens
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Rod Stephens wrote:
[log in to unmask]"> I think we can carry this debate back to the days when tough guys would use their "revolvers" to "wipe out"  someone.   The name, I would guess, was based on the spindle or pin around which the chambers of the pistol revolved.  They didn't exactly complete a  full rotation except in the case of emptying said weapon.

Anyway, the definition of "rotate" in my dictionary is:

1. to cause to turn around an axis or center point: revolve.

So, I agree with Don.

Don Cox wrote:
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On 21/08/03, Art Shifrin wrote:

Note that cylinders also rotate, they don't revolve.

Please give an example of something that you think revolves.

So far as I know, "rotate" and "revolve" are synonyms.

Don Cox
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