We use the Disk Doctor's brushes and solution, too, here at Family Theater and have excellent success in cleaning old transcriptions and LP's.  So, it seems to work well with most kinds of surface and material from shellac to even Diamond Discs.  He is, in fact, against any isopropyl alcohol in record cleaners, since, according to his literature, it "can dissolve shellac surfaces, and cause the leaching of plasticizers from synthetic plastic pressings making them brittle and subject to excess wear".  He also mentions his cleaner as an adjunct to machine assisted cleaning.

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

Graham Newton wrote:
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"James A. Harrod" wrote:

I would appreciate some help in locating a company called PRIME
SYSTEMS.  I need to replenish my supply of their PRS-b Record
Cleaning Fluid (for brush systems).  My 8 oz bottle is empty and I
long ago lost contact info for them.  Failing that could anyone on
the list recommend another iso-alcohol based fluid for brush cleaning

Better than that, look for the Disc Doctor's brushes and chemistry... there's
a link on my web site.

Also, I cover cleaning materials and solutions in the manual for the
Keith Monks "Archivist" Record Cleaning Machine machine.  It is available
in a .pdf file which I will send any listmember for the asking.

... Graham Newton

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