Yes, Graham, I just sent out the same response, but as yet it hasn't been posted.  The Disc Doctor's literature says the same thing; not to use isopropyl alcohol for cleaning surfaces for the reasons you state.

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

Graham Newton wrote:
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Don Cox wrote in response to  James A. Harrod:

Why not get some Isopropanol and some distilled water and make your own?

No, NO!, a thousand times NO!

NEVER use Isopropanol for cleaning records... YOU WILL DO DAMAGE!
It may not be immediately obvious, but you will.

Ethyl alcohol (the drinking kind) has been used on vinyl discs in the past
but contrary to others, it is not recommended for that either.

FYI, alcohol dissolves the shellac surface used in many 78 rpm phonograph
discs and essentially destroys them.

... Graham Newton

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