I would strongly suggest you start with researching what
software/hardware you are looking at using (according to what you want
to accomplish - your needs), then buy the computer accordingly. Don't
rule out a Mac; they are alot easier to maintain.

In terms of hardware, I would suggest looking into the Apogee Mini-Me
for the analog to digital converter, which is 2-channel and should work
(according to them by telephone) through the USB port; there is even a
D->A headphone jack for monitoring...

Best regards,


On Friday, August 29, 2003, at 05:15  PM, JACK MCCARTHY wrote:

> Hi. I'm a new member of ARSC. I really enjoyed the conference in
> Phila. and
> find the list very informative.
> I have a technical question about digital audio recording and editing
> with a
> laptop. I know very little about digital recording, but am going to be
> doing
> it for some projects I'll be working on.  I will soon be buying a
> laptop to
> replace my desktop and want to use it for recording and editing also.
> Are
> there any special features or inputs/outputs that I should get?  The
> model
> I'm looking at - Dell Inspiron 5100 - has a firewire and 2 USB ports.
> Will
> these be sufficient?  Can you connect an external sound card or a
> digital
> mixer or recorder to them or do I need something else?. I don't know
> yet
> what other hardware or software I'll be using, but I need to get the
> computer soon and want to be sure that whatever I get will allow me
> input
> and output audio properly. Any and all advice/suggestions would be
> appreciated.
> Jack McCarthy, Oral Historian
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