As far as I can see, these are A3 scanners, and will leave out a strip 1 cm wide from any cover. You can adjust/compensate or just live with it, but I would not recommend them for archival work, as often some interesting info will fall exactly into that strip (series number, etc).
35x35 cm scanners do exist for specialized markets but they are awfully big and expensive (I found them used to scan tile designs). At this point the digicam options (with the caveat about light and distortion) seems the most viable for me.
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Go to eBay - search for "Epson Scanners." Scroll down that list and you'll find someone selling the Epson Large Format Scanner (12"x17"), model 836L, for $400 each. These are not auction items, but new, in-box warrantied products. And he seemingly has a bunch of them.
If I had the $$$ I'd buy one right now.
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Francesco Martinelli wrote:

Yes,. The Epson 1200 Scanner which can be bought on ebay for a very reasonable price.
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The Hoffman Collection I searched it but it seems to scan only A4... am I missing something?F. Martinelli