Greetings all,
I wonder if anyone out there in ARSC-land (ARSC-ville?) happens to have a clean copy of Harry Humphrey reciting the poem "Lasca" on an Edison Diamond Disc that they are interested in selling or would be willing to loan for exhibit purposes?
The Western Folklife Center in Elko, Nevada will be mounting an exhibit in January and we would like to include this disc since the literary poem "Lasca" is a great favorite among contemporary cowboy poets. The poem "Lasca" was recorded also by Edgar Davenport and was issued in cylinder format--  we have two copies of the cylinder so don't need that (unless someone has an original labeled box lid they're willing to part with). A copy of the Edison disc by Harry Humphrey was offered recently on eBay but was not in great shape for an exhibit item--  ideally, I'd like to find either a very clean copy or else a very worn copy (showing that it was enjoyed as opposed to abused). The label should of course be in nice shape if possible (unless it was "enjoyed" to death).
For that matter, I would be interested to hear of any other recorded versions of "Lasca" that may exist on other labels or from other time periods. We are building a little component of the exhibit around this particular poem, so anything relating to it would be appreciated.
I hope it's okay to solicit for something like this on this list. I don't monitor 78-L but if anyone feels like re-posting this message there that would be fine.
As noted, we are happy to see about purchasing the record or will be happy to negotiate a loan (about six months).
Many thanks for any help on this,
Steve Green, Archivist
Western Folklife Center
501 Railroad Street
Elko, NV 89801 USA
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