We use <daogrp><daoloc> to link from the components section of the finding
aid.  Based on our experience, here is what I would recommend:

+ Encode only the part of the link that changes.  If the server is the
same for all of your links, only encode the path/filename in your finding
aid, and encode the server in your style sheet.  If the path is the same,
you can encode just the filename in your EAD document but you may want to
encode a representation of the path just in case you need an alternate
path later on, or the path changes.  This will save you the trouble of
having to do global updating on your XML documents should the server name
or path change.

+ If you are using a URL query string to link to an image, only encode the
parts of the query string that are unique to finding the image, not the
entire query.  Here's an example of how we use <daogrp><daoloc> to plug
data values into a query string to link to another server:

<c02 level="item">
<container type="box-folder">1/8</container>
<unitid type="itemphoto">35-41</unitid>
<unittitle>Fanchon and Marco productions</unittitle>

<daogrp role="norris" content-role="cdm">
<daoloc id="PAN035"></daoloc>
<daoloc id="PAN036"></daoloc>
<daoloc id="PAN037"></daoloc>
<daoloc id="PAN038"></daoloc>
<daoloc id="PAN039"></daoloc>
<daoloc id="PAN040"></daoloc>
<daoloc id="PAN041"></daoloc>

<origination><persname role="photographer">Harry Wenger</persname>, L.A.</origination>

The style sheet contains the rest of the query string, and we just plug in
the necessary data values.  In this case, "norris" and "PAN035+PAN036 etc"
are the necessary values that the string needs to find the image.

You can view the finding aid here:

On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, Gordon Daines wrote:

> My department chair has asked that I figure out how to link external
> digital images to our finding aids.  The images will be located in a
> digital library and we want to be able to point to them from the finding
> aids.  Does anyone have examples of how they have tagged finding aids to
> point to such images that they would be willing to share with me?
> Thanks in advance.
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