mary, tried to look at the lawson, ead file but got this
"Error loading stylesheet, an xslt style sheet does not have an XML
This is using Mozilla, I think your web server needs to serve up xsl files
as text/xml
or application/xml.  I am not sure which is prefereable, but one or the
other is necessary.
(see this)


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why isn't my stylesheet applied?

Make sure the mime type for both source and stylesheet are set to a XML
mimetype,       namely text/xml or application/xml. The XSLT namespace
is <a
form</a>. Mime type handling in Mozilla
is strict, in contrast to IE.

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Hello Gordon,

Here at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia we are working on a
Getty Grant to digitize our art collections.  We currently have a test site
up of our EAD finding aids with images which you are welcome to check out:
If you View Source you can see the EAD encoding. Thumbnails are embedded
within the document, and clicking on the thumbnail shows a larger image.

Our style sheet that supports this is viewable at

Good luck,

Mary Hammer
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My department chair has asked that I figure out how to link external
digital images to our finding aids.  The images will be located in a
digital library and we want to be able to point to them from the finding
aids.  Does anyone have examples of how they have tagged finding aids to
point to such images that they would be willing to share with me?
Thanks in advance.

Gordon Daines


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