NISO Announces New Registration Process

Bethesda, Md., USA (August 5, 2003) - The National Information
Standards Organization (NISO) is expanding its standards development
program by offering a new Registration Process. The Registration
Process is designed to make specifications and guidelines developed
outside the formal consensus process available to a larger community
of potential implementers. The NISO Registration Process provides a
light-weight review and accreditation that will help those developing
specifications in evolving information services secure acceptance and
recognition among a larger community of potential implementers.

The Registration process complements NISO's traditional consensus
based standards development process that is consistent with ANSI
requirements for development and maintenance of American National
Standards.   Details on the Registration Process and the Registration
Application form are on the NISO website at this url:

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NISO develops technical standards that enable libraries, publishers,
content providers and their business partners to maximize the value
of their content. All NISO standards are available to the public
without charge from the NISO website. Accredited by the
American National Standards Institute, NISO is a nonprofit
organization supported by over seventy members representing the
leadership in the global information community. NISO members include
hardware and software vendors, educational institutions, publishers,
government agencies, libraries, content aggregators, and consortia.
Information about NISO's activities and membership are featured on
the NISO website; or call 301-654-2512.

Press Contact:
Patricia Harris
Executive Director
301- 654-2512
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