On Friday, August 15, 2003, at 08:05  PM, Karen Coyle wrote:

> And what about:
>   Spring Quarter 1999
> ? Your application will need some rules on what to do with a whole
> variety
> of dates.


One idea I just thought of for this kind of stuff is to use the text
element in the forthcoming part element.  So maybe this?

<dateIssued encoding="w3cdtf">1999</dateIssued>
<text type="date">Spring Quarter</text>

You keep the year in the dateIssued for obvious reasons, but then you
put the rest in the text element, but add the "date" type attribute so
a formatter can understand what to do with it.

This does raise a question for me as I try this stuff out.  Where
should the dateIssued information probably go for an article?  I have
the urge to want to put some of this in the relatedItem, but get the
feeling this is not right; that it should go in the main record.

> What I find in the MARC Holdings documentation is this:

So this for Spring?

<dateIssued encoding="w3cdtf">1999-21</dateIssued>

> I don't know how November/December is coded, nor if there is some kind
> of
> convention outside of the library world for these dates.

This is where I'm thinking the text element might work.  Just:

<text type="date">November/December</text>

Unfortunately, some journals (like Foreign Affairs) include this stuff,
AND the volume and issue information.  This doesn't make it too easy
for coding purposes!