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> 2) Why is their a wrapper for titles (titleInfo) and not for names?

If I understand the question it's "why do we need a titleInfo and not a

The actual title, <title>, is one sub-element among several within
<titleInfo>.  These two need different names. (One could argue that they
don't. But the reasoning was that people will sometimes want to search the
actual title and other times the whole structure. Depending on the query
language, this could be difficult if they have the same name.)

So one choice was to call the super-structure "title" and the actual title
"actualTitle"; the other choice was <titleInfo> and <title> respectively.
The latter approach seemed to better reflect the structure. (I.e. "here is
title information and within it here is the title" as opposed to "here is
the title, and within it is the real title".)

<Name> doesn't have this problem because there is no subordinate "actual
name", but instead a bunch of "name parts" named appropriately <namePart>
(repeatable) so the element names are distinguished.

> 3) Why is their a role attribute for and a role element for names?

There isn't a role attribute.