For the September 25 meeting, I spoke  with a reservation agent at the
Capitol Hill Suites.  They're not inclined to offer anything like the deal
they gave last time. Not for the week we're talking about.

He will hold a block of 10 rooms, if I can guarantee that they (or most of
them) will be booked, and let him know by 6pm tonight (it's about 1:45 pm
now).  The rate will be $199.

So I'd like to take a very quick straw poll -- if you are reasonably certain
that you'll book, let me know immediately. If several of you respond
affirmatively I'll tell him to block the 10 rooms.

(It seems that there is a major womens soccer tournament that week and the
hotel rooms are selling fast.  If we did it the following week instead we
could get rooms for $130. I'm not suggesting we change the date, but if
enough people are interested, we could think about it.)