We (Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison) have a few recordings from
that time period, mostly later though, also not all unique. We also have the
paper records and scripts, etc, which also may help you. The link to the
online register is

or the listing for the collection,38&SAB1=nbc&BOOL1=as+a+phrase&FLD1=Keyword+Anywhere+%28GKEY%29&GRP1=AND+with+next+set&SAB2=sound&BOOL2=as+a+phrase&FLD2=Keyword+Anywhere+%28GKEY%29&GRP2=AND+with+next+set&SAB3=&BOOL3=as+a+phrase&FLD3=Keyword+Anywhere+%28GKEY%29&PID=10858&CNT=30&SEQ=20030902174729&SID=1

or search yourself, some NBC stuff in other collections, though also mostly

Note that material may be listened to or looked here for no charge. To order
copies, permission will be needed " Paper records may be photocopied for
private study only; copying for publication or distribution and/or the
publication of material from the NBC records requires the written permission
of NBC. Any copying of NBC audio materials requires the written permission
of NBC."

Robert Wasserman
Audio Archives
Wisconsin Historical Society

>Can anyone tell me of an institution that has a comprehensive or close to
>comprehensive collection of recordings of NBC radio broadcasts from the
>1930s and 1940s?
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