Dear friends:

I just got an audio CD from Pomaton/EMI, a Polish label. I tried to play
the CD in my computer, but it is not recognized as an audio CD, but rather
as a CD ROM. The audio contents are in a large .CDS file.

I had to install a player application using Midbar technology, which I
gather is an anti-copying application from a company now owned by
Macrovision, to hear the recording. I can't capture or alter the song
titles, play it in my preferred RealOne player, etc., etc.

I am trying to enter the contents of this CD into a database on my computer
for my personal use, which I believe is both morally and legally my right.
If anyone has information on how to do this, kindly contact me (onlist, if
of general interest, else privately.)

Some details here:,23102,3365632,00.html

Thanks in advance,


Joel Bresler
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