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Subject: [ARSCLIST] help needed for my vinyl records

I am searching for an answer to a problem, that has occured with a couple of my collectible records. They are mostly from the 60s and stored properly (or so I thought) in my living room. I recently realised that the surface of some 20-30 records has become dim, when looked at bright light, while I am 100% sure I have not bought them in this condition. There is no sign of any problem on the covers. The problem is in some cases geometrically random, in a lot of cases you can see a "clean"(shiny) streight line among damaged parts, there are some with stronger damaged milky dots and one is damaged in an almost rectangular part. All damaged records are damaged on only one side. In most cases you cannot hear the problem, but in 2-3 there is a light hiss/ which also has not been there when bought. I do not know if it can be mould, funghi or anything else. I have tried cleaning on the VPI, ethanol, soap/water, vinegar and petrolether. None has worked. In case you think that you can help, if not restore the damaged ones, then at least understand the problem and save the rest of my collection I will be grateful and will write a longer email about storage conditions.
Thanks for your time reading this
best regards from Greece

--- Fred Catalano
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