I am digitizing a genre collection of music, and accessing the digital
files both via the RealOne player, and by hyperlinks from an Excel
spreadsheet. I cannot use these programs as an access point to what's on
the CD.

It happens that I have an earlier, non-protected version of this particular
recording, so my question is more in anticipation of this nonsense
spreading than how to deal with this particular CD.

By the way, these CDs do NOT bear the audio CD logo, since they don't
adhere to the Philips/Sony standards.



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> >What prevents one from making an analog copy (tape or second sound card
>input) and >redigitzing for the database use (or any other)?
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> >>I am trying to enter the contents of this CD into a database on my
> >>for my personal use, which I believe is both morally and legally my right.
> >>If anyone has information on how to do this, kindly contact me (onlist, if
> >>of general interest, else privately.)
>Is this discussing the information per track length, etc. which enables a CD
>to select tracks and exists (IIRC) in digital form on the disc? Thus, the
>same thing
>could be accomplished by manually copying the information from the insert
>(if it
>appears there)...

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