At 01:53 PM 9/4/2003 -0400, Aaron Z Snyder wrote:

>I've been a Cool Edit Pro user from versions 1.2 through the last version,
>2.1. Audition 1.0 is that CEP2.1 with no modifications except for branding.
>CEP2.1 is the editor/processor I choose to use for most of my work. Without
>going into features (you can find those on the web) I'd have to say it's one
>of the best inexpensive editing systems I've seen. For a 99 buck upgrade,
>you can't go wrong, even if you end up later using something else. The
>spectral displays (spectrum vs. time) are outstanding for microsurgical
>procedures -- that is, as long as you have a fast enough processor for using
>the extreme-precision displays (non-extreme displays are fine with slower
>computers, and they're quite useful for finding elusive clicks and pops).
>There was a beta 2 version of a burning plug-in which (for me) had some very
>attractive features -- in particular, being able to generate countdown
>displays between CD tracks. This plug-in is currently unavailable for
>Audition, and no information is forthcoming as yet about its fate. It isn't
>clear that the CEP beta plug-in will work with Audition; at least I haven't
>figured out how to do it. So far, that's my only disappointment with
>You'll get a lot for just 99 bucks. My advice: go for it!

I am copying my reply to another list as well as to ARSCLIST. A similar
question has arisen there. For the record, I began with CoolEdit Pro a bit
earlier than Aaron did and believe I have the CD-ROM of 1.0 around here

You confirm my understanding of the situation with Audition and also
explain why I have received no notification of the 'upgrade'. It appears to
be essentially a repackaged CEP 2.1 so that those already owning that
configuration would have little reason to step sideways. However, for those
using another version of CoolEdit, if the upgrade to Audition/CEP is only
$99, I consider that a bargain even if you do not need the multichannel,
multiview features. Since I started on CE with the Pro, I cannot detail the
differences; perhaps Adobe's site provides them.

There are some moves which I believe would justify a minor upgrade to CEP
2.1 and if someone with Audition knows whether they've been implemented,
please share the knowledge. For one, MP3Pro appears to be a dead end and I
hope it has been deeleted from the options or at least made less intrusive.
Another is that handling of "Save As" went from logical and straightforward
in 1.x to clumsy and inconvenient in 2.0 to awkward in 2.1; this is one
case where upgrade would entail reversion.

Explanation: In 1.x, a "Save As" to another folder held the focus for all
save commands to follow - except, of course, a final Save to the original
file. In 2.0, the focus remained on the original folder and each "Save As"
to another folder had to be specified in full. In 2.1, the focus changes
for segment "Save As", but not for the final one which saves the remaining
file; if that is written to the folder with the saved segments, focus is
changed and the folder for the initial read must be specified again. Hardly
earth-shaking, but a nuisance which could be repaired easily. (Split a set
of large files into tracks for yourself to see why.)

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