I have recently made major changes in my restoration suite, including taking
out a mortgage on the farm to install CEDAR's new Cambridge Audio Restoration
processing system. I have the following gently used CEDAR items for sale.
The picture links are LARGE and high resolution.  They will require some
download time, but are detailed enough to see everything.


Series 2 stand alone 2U rack mount modules (one each available):

These three modules comprise the suite of tools need for fully professional
high end phonograph record and tape restoration, and were used exclusively
in my restoration suite since new.

CEDAR DC-1 De-Clicker, look here for picture

CEDAR CR-1 De-Crackler, look here for picture

CEDAR DH-2 De-Hisser, look here for picture

These modules are clean, like new, and fully operational on their own, having
both pro-quality digital (24 bit on AES/EBU) and analog I/O.  They are stereo
in nature, that is, they process stereo two channel audio, and the processing
can be adjusted separately for the left and right channels if needed.  Sample
rates supported are 44.1 kHz for CD's and 48 kHz for other sources.
They all have front panel displays that allow precise repeatability of
settings, and full detail of processing status.

NOTE: The pictures of these three modules are original photos provided by
CEDAR, since they took much better pictures than I do.  The De-hisser
picture shows "DH-1" but the only cosmetic difference is that the panel on
the unit I am offering says DH-2.  All units contain the latest software
versions which are higher revision numbers than shown in the pictures.

PRICE: Any of the above modules, US $5,500 or all for US $15,000
(This is about 1/3 the price I paid for these units purchased new)

CEDAR for Windows (CFW):

Expansion card - THREE AVAILABLE (runs one stereo process per card, look
here for picture:-

CFW is not simply a program that runs on a Windows computer... it is a
system that includes the software and individual hardware boards that
provide an expandable system to meet whatever the restoration needs are up to
16 channels (8 stereo channels).

The expansion card alone will be of interest to someone wanting to expand an
existing CFW system, and will be a simple plug-in to increase the number of
processes that can be run simultaneously.

PRICE:  US $1,850 each or all three for US $4,500

For someone wanting to put together a new system, a rack mountable system
specific computer with slots for up to 8 cards is also available.
Look here for pictures:-

This system-specific ICP industrial grade rack mount computer:  US $750
(This is less than 1/2 the price ICP currently sells this unit for)

Please email me off list with any questions you may have.

... Graham Newton

Audio Restoration by Graham Newton,
World class professional services applied to tape or phonograph records for
consumers and re-releases, featuring CEDAR's new CAMBRIDGE processes.