> Date:    Tue, 2 Sep 2003 22:59:09 +0000
> From:    robert wasserman <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: Re: NBC broadcasts repository
> We (Historical Society of Wisconsin, Madison) have a few recordings from
> that time period, mostly later though, also not all unique. We also have
> paper records and scripts, etc, which also may help you. The link to the
> online register is

> [stuff deleted]

> Note that material may be listened to or looked here for no charge. To
> copies, permission will be needed " Paper records may be photocopied for
> private study only; copying for publication or distribution and/or the
> publication of material from the NBC records requires the written
> of NBC. Any copying of NBC audio materials requires the written permission
> of NBC."
> Robert Wasserman
> Audio Archives
> Wisconsin Historical Society
> >
And good luck in trying to get any approval from NBC for anything,
particularly if you aren't ready to pay in the thousands of dollars. For a
project at the Voice of America in Washington, I tried to get NBC to approve
our using the Clem McCarthy radio call on NBC of the Seabiscuit-War Admiral
match race of 1937. I called, faxed, e-mailed, etc., to no avail--not even a
"no", just a flat out nothing. I heard from a colleague who wanted the tape
for an exhibition she was putting together on Seabiscuit for a New York
state horseracing trade group, that she finally did get through to NBC who
wanted $5,000 for the rights to use the tape. She eventually called her
congressman who knew the wife of a board member and they ended up getting
the tape gratis but it was a horrible process.

I've dealt with other media companies (like BMG) on rights issues who have
acted professionally and understood the needs of people like me.

In the end, I was able to find McCarthy's call on a sports record from the
1950s for which we had broadcast rights. If you want copies, I would haunt
online historic news web sites, search libraries for "news highlights"
albums (or tributes to old radio) or post here or the 78-l list. The
National Archives in Washington does have some radio holdings which you can
copy on the spot, however the rights clearances are up to you. Take that for
what it's worth. Do a search on their web page from the ARC page. Good luck!

Neal Lavon, Acting Director
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Voice of America
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