I'm finding that when people post to the ARSCLIST, I see a real delay in them coming up on my computer.  Don's post below was supposedly sent this morning at 8:13 A.M., and I only received it at about 6:40 P.M. PST.  Does anybody know why the delay?

Don Cox wrote:
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On 24/09/03, James L Wolf wrote:
 Just wondering. Once the processing and storage capabilities for 3-D
modeling of a groove arrive (10+ years?), wouldn't it also be possible
to model a "perfect" stylus for that groove and create a result from
their ideal virtual interaction? Would this be the best way to extract
info from a groove?

I think not, because the purpose of a stylus is only to describe the
shape of the groove. If you already know that from your scanning
microscope (optical or electron) then you don't need a stylus.

  But 3-D is the only way to go. Jon Noring is absolutely right; 2-D
is a waste of time. It only reads the edge(s) of the bottom of the
grove, the results I've heard  (under relatively good listening
conditions) were really poor, and vertical grooves are impossible, so
there's no point in messing with it, except maybe for emergency
preservation of broken laquers or something similar.

Don Cox
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