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> Does anyone here recognize any of these recordings?

> "Old Ironsides"
> It is possible that this song might be the same as the march from the score
> to the 1926 silent film Old Ironsides. The composer credited for the film's
> score is Hugo Riesenfeld.  According to the International Movie Database,
> composer  J.S. Zamecnik, who had a lot of silent film scores to his credit,
> also worked on the film's score.
Yes, that is the march/title from the Paramount picture of the same name.
Gaylord Carter's "The Golden Age Of Silent Movies" (RCA LPM/LSP 2560 credits
Hugo Riesenfeld with no mention of Zamecnik.

> "The Mill in the Blackforest"  ("Die Mühle im Schwarzwald,"
>  an Idyll for Orchestra, op. 52)
I have a match for this on black label Victor 22096-B, by the Victor Concert
Band directed by Rosario Bourdon under the title "The Mill in the Forest".
Composer credit is Richard Eilenberg.  The other side is "Monastery Bells"

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